Tools for Confident diagnosis

Hospital quality echo for Cardiology practice

Advanced technologies bring a new level of image quality to compact ultrasound so performance isn’t sacrificed for portability.

Uniquely powerful imaging and quantification solution. Reading cardiologist can trust the images from these studies, even if they are performed at the technically difficult patient.
Images are displayed with exceptional quality, providing the information required for confident diagnosis.

Ultrasound Machine Valley Echolab, Inc.

GE Vivid IQ

GE is a leader in the ultrasound industry that provides revolutionary technology and medical devices to practices and clinics around the globe

Key Features:

Cardiac calculations package

Extended measurement and deep quantification capabilities

Display 15.4 in/39.1 cm

High-resolution display with wide viewing angle

TDI, CWD, PWD Color Doppler

Advanced Doppler Imaging functionality and assessment tools

Wireless and wired DICOM

Can also export data by DVD and USB media with integrated DICOM viewer.

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